A camera to ease the pain of the wait...

July 06, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

You may breath a sigh of relief, fellow wanders. I will no longer (GOD WILLING) be complaining about my lack of camera-ness. I would like to relay that I have FINALLY received notification of my camera shipping, but something even better has happened in the meantime to assist me with the 3-8 days of shipping-wait time I face.

My old friend and artist extraordinare Jeremy Kronbach gave me an assignment! A photo assignment! He also gave me his SLR beauty with a dramatic lens(s) in order to complete said assignment. I am shooting slide film for him to use as inspiration. I hope they turn out amazingly, because I sure have had fun in the last day I've had this baby in my care. I wandered around the farmer's market yesterday alone and just snapped away (the saint was up to his elbows in troubleshooting the brewery yesterday). I am excited to continue as I wander through the city.

I have my lovely bff and her children in town this week. They should be arriving in a few hours, and I have a house stocked full of juices and hot dogs and chicken fingers. It's quite fun! We'll be wandering around Seattle's parks, picnics with friends, eating freshly-picked raspberries, and going to a Storm basketball game. It should be an event-filled week for sure. I can't wait to kiss their cheeks and snap their cute little souls into my camera.

Consequently, I will be somewhat silent this week. Or maybe not. Who knows? If anything, I've come to realize that the flow of sharing words comes and goes as it pleases, and it's truly one of the only areas wherein flexibility comes naturally, with poise and tranquility.

Happy Monday,

kooy, write.

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