Celebratory Mussels: Deadline Met

June 15, 2009 Candace Morris 6 Comments

I am bleary-eyed and sleepy this fine summer evening. I am waiting for my lover to prepare our celebratory dinner of mussels & frites and white wine. Oh, he just popped out and said "5 more minutes." Goodies!!!!

We are celebrating my successful ability to meet a deadline! I have had such an interesting journey through the whole process - from crippling fear to writer's block to euphoric glee to the habits I've formed in order to write (ranging from having to wear slacks and heels and sit at a desk, needing either coffee or booze, and being inspired by BLARING classical or 80s music)- all stumbled upon in a gamut of Seattle's coffee shops (turns out I cannot write at home as well as in public). I turned it in at 2:30am last night and am quite excited to embark on the rounds of editions with "MY EDITOR." (I've always wanted to say that!) I never expected to feel so validated and proud of myself. In the recovery of a lifetime where I felt neither of things things, it is especially emotional for me now.

Look for the 4th edition of Antler Magazine coming out June 25th.

the joy of saying "i have a deadline"
the joy of saying "i have a deadline"

i appreciate your support as well. i know first hand that it's sometimes hard to celebrate someone else's success. i also know it can be harder to celebrate your own.
oh but dears, our time is surely coming.

Here’s to you,


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