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June 23, 2009 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Well, it's approaching my newly imposed (read before midnight) bed-time here, and I am fighting off my late-night urges towards the mint and chip divinity
that lurks in my freezer. lately, i've been taking to dipping my oreo's in it as well.
but i CAN'T tonight,
for you see my dears...i've already had desert!
the tall lover i call the saint took me on an after-dinner walk.
we somehow ended up at Top Pot donuts.
we split a plain old-fashioned and a cup of drip.
the perfect date night...for only $2.35.

We had to take this aforementioned after-dinner walk
because of the well-timed and well-executed dinner i made for my hard working mister.
i baked a whole fryer chicken (which was covered in olive oil and thyme)
for 1.5 hours.
i then made mashed potatoes
and mom's famous cooked carrots from some beauties we bought at the market yesterday.
i then tossed up a salad with the lettuce and tomato also purchased at the market,
and everything came out on the table as hot as could be
within 10 minutes of joelio walking through the door no less.
though i am no gourmet cook, i can multi-task like a mo fo!

if i would have been a really good wife,
i would have had kelly's famous chocolate cookies baking as well.
but i am not a really good wife.
only a multi-tasking, cleaning, organizing, bill-paying, sexy one.
c'est la vie.

speaking of the market,
i am sitting in front of the most GORGEOUS bouquet of peonies
that i hand-picked from a vendor yesterday.
if only i had my camera,
you could see them too!
they are bursting open, 6 whites and 3 deep pink.

speaking of my camera,
you will be happy to know that the saint purchased me a new one.
i shouldn't complain, because at least we had the money
but i had to use savings and that savings was going towards this:

i do not regret it.
because i was seriously missing an appendage without my wee point and shoot,
it should arrive in 5 more business days.

speaking of sigh,
my sweet kitty has decided that our bed (even with me in it)
is the new place for her to use the restroom.
she did this once when we were out of town, and now we cannot really get the smell out of the mattress.
consequently, she keeps going back to that same spot
despite all our creative best efforts to redirect her.
i have washed both pair of my sheets 3 times each in the last month.
and now, to make sure it stops...
we need a new mattress.
the matress we have now is a $1ooo mattress
(donated to us when we were first married).
for now,
kitty is banned from the bedroom.

this makes me sad because i love to cuddle with her in the mornings when she
walks on me and lays right in the crick of my neck and purrs her little heart out.
but her walking on me
the other night
did not produce such cute results.

today is not lost, however.
i had a lovely lunch with devon - who made me a wonderful meal and escorted my soul
around her lovely garden.

today also marks the launch of my new little project,
in case you didn't have enough of my writing as represented in three blogs.
my fourth one can be found by clicking on the picture to the right, up top, to the right of my portrait
over there------------->>>
don't tell anyone it's me.
it's a secret!
the secret snob...

You are very good to listen,


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