Self-Care Challenge at an end. Or is it?

June 01, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Congratulations. You made it through a week of moments of self-care. I received lots of great ideas and reports from many of you who took me up on this little quest. Some of my favorites:

  1. "I sit by the window of an eclectic coffeehouse, enjoying a chai latte in the breeze of the oscillating fan. I rarely frequent coffee houses as I'm not a coffee drinker, but this feels great. I guess I've chosen to do quite a bit of pampering all summer long, as I'm dedicating the time to writing, and spending a good chunk of my savings on travel. It feels like a much needed focus of energy on myself. I dedicated 2009 as the year of {me}, and it only took me til May to do something about it!!"
  2. "Alone on the porch midday enjoying the view and the quiet and San Pelligrino Aranciata with my feet up."
  3. From a new mother, "Today I bought a book for me. It has nothing to do with babies."
  4. "I was feeling not so hot, so i lazed around watching tv after making some delightful homemade soup and then went to bed early. fell asleep lying on my therapy ball, then woke up an hour later to crawl under the covers and call it a night. mmmmm. heaven."
  5. "I looked at jewelry at Whole foods and consciously treated myself to a rest."
  6. "I'm still not well, but I let myself rest. I ate simple meals and sprawled on sofa chairs, I relaxed."
  7. "A fresh pot of loose leaf tea and a moment to stop and be."
  8. "Today, for me, that meant blowing off the omni-present to-do list for an hour and making something just for me. Not for my upcoming shows, not for wholesale orders, not for the Etsy shop, but just for me. "
  9. "Cancel Date. Relax instead."
I say we did okay then. I am not quite ready to go back to the way it was, and am instead proposing a Self-Care Sunday. Each Sunday we report to each other what we've done for ourselves that day or week. You in?

We cannot possibly begin to take care of the people around us, of our dreams, of our souls unless we stop, listen, and breath. As Miguel de Unamuno says, "Self-love widens into love of all that lives."


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