On the things we cannot do for ourselves

August 06, 2012 Candace Morris 1 Comments

It used to be pedicures, but I am pretty sure I cured myself of that.  Now it is buying ceramic mugs.  A few of my lovely and bestest friends manage to prioritize this - and while I admire their collection so much, there seems to be a tour de force between me and that etsy purchase button. 

I was therefore bequeathed the most perfect of birthday presents from her.  I am in love with this wonky mug with clouds on it.  Since I am home on maternity leave, I now drink coffee from an actual mug rather than a paper cup at work.  It feels only natural to honor that 'being home' with something that truly helps me feel my soul's cornerstone.  Clouds, handmade art, friendship, and the reminder that I am worth an indulgence.  

There are a myriad of things I have ZERO problem buying myself.  Expensive makeup, as many pair of shoes and jeans as I can manage, books, plants, wines, designer hair products, magazine subscriptions, furniture, jewelry, fancy underthings, restaurants, airplane tickets.  In general, I take rather good care of myself in that regard.   But leave it to your soul friends to find the thing you just cannot do for yourself, and not only buy it for you, but make you challenge the inner wall surrounding that particular item.  This one gift somehow seems to give me permission to begin my own collection, and in that - Kelly told me it was okay to  be who I am, yet again.

For you?  What is it that just makes you cringe to purchase, but that you want really badly?  This is truly not about amassing a collection of stuff, but about living your life intentionally.  For me, this means supporting artists and items having meaning.

To climbing the insides of our souls,

p.s. Link to the ceramicist

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