Musings of a Mum: 12 weeks

January 23, 2012 Candace Morris 7 Comments

Baby Star,
This week your father and I watched the Star Wars trilogy for the bazillionth time.  He exclaimed that no child of his would be without a taunton sleeping bag, which we promptly put on your wishlist.  Do you want anything else?  
We been watching my belly like hawks, and I have recently been unable to retract it with strong inhalations of breath.    
It was such a quiet week.  It snowed and snowed, but we had one afternoon of sunlight.  You and I wandered around the house in shivers, nursing hot cups of decaf chai tea.  You may have been concerned at the tears I shed one lonely evening, but dearest - that was just "Jane Eyre."  Can you cry yet?  You will love it.  Nothing in the world feels better.  This week, a few friends have been cast down, much put upon by the universe.  You and I have spent many moments loving them with our thoughts.  Have you noticed?  I imagine compassion coursing through your DNA, developing your love of humankind.
Your pop and I waver between moments of the full reality of you and the sameness of our everyday lives going on just as before.  Apparently, you are flipping all about inside of me and have your gender, but I can't feel a thing and have no hunch as to if you are a lovely little lady or a debonair little man.   Most of what I feel is cravings for donuts and bean burritos - you've got great taste, kid.

Today, I wandered around a used bookstore looking for books for your cousin Clara and wondered what you might like to read about.  Will you be curious about ladybugs or more fascinated by dinosaurs?  
I am ever so curious about you.  Is there a book I can read all about you, my firstborn?  I hope you're a handful, because our hands are expanding in readiness daily.  You will never reach the end of our adoration of you.
~The Voice

Musings of a Scientist:
Dear thing, you were made with love and science.  You have a great battle ahead of you for your freedom, waging war upon my wife's cervix.  Keep calm and carry on.
~The Genetic Donor

I have borrowed this concept from the lovely Emily, who has graciously permitted me to steal her idea.  Her small notes to her child moved me throughout her entire pregnancy and I wanted to share my intimate moments aloud as well, for in doing so, they become real.

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