the weekend report: LA edition

October 03, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments

 My sisters, niece, and mamma.
 Southern California Sunset as we drive into the city.

I returned last night to the most gorgeous Seattle drizzle. My parched skin thanked me for returning home, despite an epic weekend celebrating my sisters and their birthdays.  We started Saturday with an awesome brunch - so much food and laughter!  Then we headed down to El Cid, a flamenco dinner theater. I don't think I expected it to be as authentic and transporting as it was.  We stayed at the restaurant until it became a club a few hours later and danced ourselves sick.  I also got to snuggle Clara a bit, though it's never enough.  I also happily taught her to exclaim, "Oh Man!" which sounds more like "Oh, maaa" coming from her, but still, she's pretty darn cool.

Looking forward to a night alone with my love, cuddling in front of a fire - or a beer. Either will do.
Monday, check.

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