if the shittiness of the week portends the greatness of the weekend

January 24, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Then halle-friggen-lujah.  That was one fine weekend.  No seriously, despite a nasty head cold, it was just a great time.


We started it off on Friday afternoon with Clara and Teresa visiting me at Microsoft.


Clara enjoyed my stress toy (she's cutting a few molars) and her lunch in the cafeteria. 
 It was a total mood-booster.

After family dinner out,
(and a new-found appreciation for restaurants who allow children)
T and I headed to the rink.

This was a few hours after I ran into the concrete wall after having been whipped around the bend by my stronger-than-I-thought sister.  I am happy to report that I survived sans concussion, but we did have to sooth ourselves with sluuuuurrrpppeees.
(Of which we both could only finish about 1/3.  They are waaaayyy sweeter than I remember). 
(More here)

It was also this night that I contracted a nasty sore throat and woke the next morning to a Barry White voice.  However, I had a lovely date with my sister-in-law at a local bookstore (minus the parking ticket I incurred)

Oh my fellow weekenders, that was a very nice outing.  We sat and talked over our assiago bagels and then quietly read for an hour or so.  

Then I:
took a lesiurely trip to the grocery store
(as opposed to the harried 5pm trip after work)
took a 2-hour nap
went to see "Cymbeline

Sunday was a day to recover from sickness and mop the bathroom.
You know the sort of day I mean...
the kind you make some sort of strange bobby-pin concoction work in your hair and wear old jeans and do all the laundry and organize your Q-tips.

All in all,
A perfect

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