i realize that not everyone looks forward to their morning commute

January 07, 2011 Candace Morris 7 Comments

maples over the freeway
I wait at a gorgeous bus stop with a latte in hand

My bus plugs along quietly and with minimal passengers

brick beauty in the u district
I travel through the University of Washington campus with its gorgeous architecture

tree salvation in the u district
I grin at tree salvation

ducks at montlake
The bus drives through Madison Park where I laugh at the ducks.

madison park
Then merges onto Montlake with its art deco water decorations and old houses

lake washington
And finally, Lake Washington and all its moods

If outside gets mundane, I begin to read

wall of trees
But once we hit the wall of trees on the other side of the lake, I'm usually window gazing yet again

east side
Taking in the vast open skies as the east side opens up into the Cascades

Entering work

office view
View as I walk into my office

my office
Not bad...not bad at all.

Happy Friday, you workaholics.

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