a meal in november

November 18, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

One of the ways I love to initiate my house as a home is to cook.  I didn't know this about myself even two years ago, but once I moved onto Capitol Hill (w/in 115 feet of Kelly), she and I used to cook together no less than twice a month, often more.  Though I deciding to teach myself, she was a great motivation.   She often touted it as a way to add a great deal of warmth and soul to your home.  Once we moved here, I admit that something in me was waiting to make this house a bit more complete...until she and I had  shuffled about the kitchen together.  I love cooking, especially when it's not a chore and when it's for several of the people I love.  This past weekend, we decided to make butternut and goat cheese raviolis and amazing gingerbread/pumpkin cupcakes with citrus frosting.

After we filled close to 50 wanton wrappers with butternut squash and a lovely sharp cheese, we topped the raviolis with toasted hazelnuts and fresh sage.  Then we threw together a fabulous winter salad.  I'd say everyone was pleased.

What have you cooked lately that just buttered your biscuits?

I would have snapped a photo of the cupcakes, but I was way WAY too deep in gastronomic bliss to pull myself away.

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