Pumpkin Risotto

January 26, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

One of the reasons I love following certain blogs is for the amazing ideas for food and drink.  More specifically, I've made two different recipes from Design Sponge and both have been fabulous!  The first recipe was a holiday wassail that my friends and I gobbled up.

The second was just after I returned home from vacation this past weekend, and I had a strong inclination to cook.  I decided to make up this Pumpkin Risotto because I am CUCKOO for risotto anyway (it's like the fancy man's version of mac-n-cheese) and because we have had these pumpkins sitting around since Thanksgiving.  Well, the saint helped me out on this one as I felt pretty noviced about extracting pumpkin from an actual pumpkin...

It wasn't too hard, but there were quite a bit of steps and the recipe was written in paragraphs (i hate that!) instead of bullet points.

So, before we did anything, the saint made us rosemary gin and tonics so we could keep up our strength.

Well it turned out just delicously!
pumpkin risotto

I highly recommend it.

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