January 15, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Well, happy Friday night.  I hope your weekend plans look delightful from this vantage point.  If not, do something out of the ordinary to spark some creative juices!  I smell the rice cooking for dinner, soon to be topped by green curry.  Leftovers, but so tasty.

The saint and I took a little walk today (actually to recover my lost lens cap from a walk last week.  we actually found it!).  As I waited for him to finish up work so he could take his lunch break, I reached into the pocket of a coat I often forget to wear (I have a delicious habit of collecting coats!) and found the happiest little present.  I went right back inside and grabbed my camera.


For some reason, it felt like hidden treasure.  It was magic and I refuse to interpret it as anything other.

So then I was joined by the saint for our little walk.

puddle ready

Joel and his walking stick

This guys seriously has a THING about having a walking stick.

(I would also like to mention that something I love about Joel's style is the versatility.  He can be totally city-ready in his wool blazer and fedora or totally country-boy in his sorels and trucker hats.  I have never met a man that can pull off both so effortlessly.)

Mr. and Mrs.

We paused here to capture the moment.  We rarely go on walks together, so it was a bit of a special occasion.  This is not because we do not enjoy each others company whilst walking, but this is because our moods often rarely coincide when it comes to exercise.

a new path

But not today...today we were in sync.
Well, up until he took me on a new path that was so steep I almost puked.
Not really.
But kinda.

And then we had a great lunch with our friend and neighbor Scott.
lunch with the neighbor

It's the least we could do since he's hanging out with Missy Octavia next week.

We leave for Florida in T-Minus one day.
Guess I better go work on my tan next door (friends have a tanning bed we can use).
Not really.
But kinda.

Happy Friday!

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