middle man

January 28, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

oh wednesday.
how you drag and pull.
yank and cull.
ying and yang.

i awake and i ready
{perhaps today will include a lid of eyeshadow and sleek bun}
my new feline, Octavia, purrs around my black sweater
{and the great hair war begins - note to self, get lint brush}
i stop in for a cafe au lait
{which stupid sbucks renames to coffee/misto. how primitive}
i sit to desk and as my work outlook loads, i open my webpages, in this order:
  • gmail
  • wall street journal - following Obamas first 100 days
  • daily candy
  • google reader - which sends me all over the place looking at blogs.
  • blogger to write this and am working on a idea for booklings and visually ink-lined.
  • thesaurus.com
  • seattle public library {to request a cat book recommended by jenae}

i am interrupted in my world by an actual work request. the audacity!

things to do today:

  • research scratching posts
  • scan and email jackie the chapter about introverted children from the book i am gobbling up, The Introvert Advantage.
  • finish my coffee
  • prepare for tutoring session. this week we are now doing us history, which is okay - but a bit less fascinating than last weeks Emerson and Thoreau lesson.

that's about it. sigh.

at least i have a new friend to come home to! i have to talk about her for a bit. {sorry, no pics yet}.

this sweet treasure came into my life via tragic circumstances. her previous owner took his 21-year old life last weekend. this young man was a tenant in kelly's building, so she talked to joel and i about adopting his cat, Octavia. we discussed it and decided that we would entertain the option, but as it turns out - we became her owners within 24 hours. it was so nice not to have to go shopping for a cat; i love it when things fall into our laps. the clarks arrived with food, cat, toys, and snacks in tow - and i tell you - i wish someone would show up at my house with a baby like that! :)

so she was introduced to her new home last night and she did remarkably well. she found a high, safe corner in our walk-in closet amidst our scarfs and tooks, and stayed there most of the night. only once did she wake us up - at 3am.

she is very sweet. she is very quiet. she loves to be alone.
i couldn't have picked a better match.

and perhaps miss Octavia is just what i need to get myself out of this rut.
and perhaps we are just what she needs to recover from her trauma.
yes, this 1-yr old calico with elegant green eyes may be just what the doctor ordered.

and so we meet, yet again, in the middle {which reminds me of what i read about the constitutional convention }
weary from compromise, propelled by new connections.

ah, le milieu.

~a jittery {from a coffee-only breakfast},

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