it's wednesday and i'm not even scared

January 21, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

today i have to:
  • make our biweekly menu and matching grocery list.
  • put away the stack of clean clothes that now looks like the mt. of gibraltar.
  • research and read for my pupil (i am tutoring again).
  • read and rest.
i never:
  • go to bed without brushing my teeth (i actually have a whole cleaning ritutal i do in order, but i will spare you...)
  • answer my phone
  • go outside with wet hair
  • miss a meal
i am looking forward to:
  • a weekend away at the ocean with my red
  • grocery shopping tomorrow
  • a package arriving for me this week
  • seeing joel tonight
i wish:
  • i were in Hawaii
  • i could buy this
  • i worked for myself
  • we were not out of vodka
on my desk:
  • a dvd
  • a nail file
  • a note pad with grocery items
  • stacks of paper to sort
wednesday has nothing on me,

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