a tribute to catholicbeer

November 04, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

The saint likes to shop.  Correction, the saint LOVES to shop...especially when it includes me trying on whatever he wants me to and then spoiling me by buying it for me.  Many of you swoon at this, and I suppose in theory I do too, but I am quite the opposite.  I do not LOVE to shop (physically, as in walking around stores) because I get so hot, annoyed by crowds, frustrated with sizes, etc.   Completely reverse these roles if we are grocery shopping...that guy cannot WAIT to get out of the grocery store, whereas I am dawdling over all the possibilities for cooking.

Because of these discrepancies, I cannot remember the last time he and I shopped together.  If there is one place I avoid like the plauge, it's Larry's Brewing Supply store.  This place is a huge warehouse of strange tubes and barrels of malt and smelly men AND SERIOUS TIME SUCKAGE.  Girls, it's like going to Home Depot with your man, or Gents, it's like going to the fabric/craft store with your lady.  Of course many of you love both, but that's strange. ;)

But it was my turn to be a saint.  This week, I decided to accompany my dearly beloved to get his things for the next brew day (which  is THIS SATURDAY for all you local folks who might want to join).  "Should I wait in the car?"  I knew it would take FOREVER, but he assured me otherwise.

Guess what?
We were in there FOREVER.
As in eons of time.

The saint looking up his recipe. He's standing in front of the barrels of various grains.

the recipe

the grain

the saint talking to none other than Larry himself...since they were out of most things he wanted,
which is why it took forever.


20lbs of grain, please.

a bit of advice

still waiting.

45 minutes never felt so long.

Dear Saint,
You owe me an ice-cream cone.  Or a cheeseburger. Or a new pair of shoes. Or a foot rub.
The end.

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