one saturday, late november

November 28, 2010 Candace Morris 9 Comments

it is only the images that remain
pictures of one day
one saturday
that burn the brain of one dame
who continually forgets to remember:

that moods
(like antique stores and hotel lounges)
are as fleeting and transitory
as beauty,
and rejection.
and life.

and saturdays
in late november.

but who also forgets to remember
that the knowledge that things always change
(that it will be better tomorrow
and worse again next week)
doesn't at all change that right now,
in the deepest earliest of nighttime hours,
it is real:
the unkindness,
the gagging rejection,
the sad self-consolation,
the putting of one drunken soul to bed...

on one saturday
in late november.

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