a small space of reflection

November 15, 2010 Candace Morris 11 Comments

let's begin, shall we.
This morning, I woke very early to take my Umber and her BC to the airport.  I therefore have the privilege of a few minutes before beginning work to sit in my office, blare Chopin, and arise with the sun.  I find myself in simple and peaceful reflection, as if my soul were perched on the shore of a very still water.

That still water is Kelly.
Her very presence calms my being.

And I find even after 8 months living apart, I am still feeling stubbornly unwilling to adjust to her now living in California.  However, our weekend did spread some cooling balm upon those wounds.  Cooking in my kitchen together, walking in my neighborhood together, laughing at really stupid shit together...it all combines this lovely morning into a gentle feeling of kindness that sits heavy on my eyelids.

For whatever fortuitous reason, our paths remain interconnected.  Though delivered to us as differently as we might wear the same orange cardigan, the universe perpetually and undeniably teaches us similar lessons:

Be Kind.
Be Patient.
(To self. To others.)
Work soulfully.
Rest often.
Love intensely.
Play goofily.
Live your passion.
Make stuff.
And most definitely not least,
Look good while doing it.

I suppose all of this is just to speak aloud of my thanks for my dear friend Kelly, the sexiest bald eagle I know... and for all of you out there whose souls parallel mine.  You know who you are.

Universal Teacher, Divine Being, Holy Other,
Thank You.

kelly, candace, and christopher walken

when a'walking brother,
don't you forget,
it ain't often 
that you'll ever find a friend.
-fleet foxes

I am in such a peaceful place with so many of my friendships.  What was once a source of angst and immense self-hate has now become a safe cavern of ease.  Not only do I have plenty of people to call for that light-hearted beer after work, but each of them are capable of substantial conversation, interesting insight, and of understanding/loving me where I need it most from each of them.  I am in awe of the richness in my relationships.  

Not a bad note upon which to conduct Monday, I don't think.

*** I kid you not, this is the only picture we managed to snap together.  And yes, that is Christopher Walken looking down upon us.

p.s.  BC, I love you too.

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