weekend report: do overs

September 01, 2010 Candace Morris 1 Comments

This last weekend, my old friend Jess and I were able to head to the Bay Area to be with her mother and meet her aunts.  It was our "do over" weekend...the one that was cut short in March because I went to my sister's house instead.  We treated ourselves to hours of watching the food network, a trip to The Delta (in Stockton) in the motor home, horseback riding, wave-runner-ing, gourmet eating, and quite a bit of drinking, tequila that is.  It was really rather diverting!

And with that last trip of August, I bid adieu to my summer.  I've been travelling so much and now it's time to settle back into life.  That should prove quite difficult since we have to pack up and try and find a place in Seattle.  Oh moving...

If anyone in the area spots a 2-bedroom house for rent in the city, let me know!

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