an old discovery

September 03, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

This morning's quiet brought me to poetry. 
 It was simply the only thing that would do for a melancholy, pensive Friday morn.

You can imagine my delight to open this old book and find the most endearing of inscriptions...
written by my beloved sister in January of 2001.

The back of the book is worn, watered, and quite used. 
 I may have dropped it in the bath a few times since receiving it.

I went through a few poems, annotating and scribbling my thoughts...seeing the notes I made in 2001...
which are incidentally not much different than my initial responses nine years older.

At one point, I stumbled upon a word I didn't know. I felt quite conflicted about this because I've committed to unplugging for this quiet time and I use the internet to look up words.  Then I remembered that before technology existed, there were BOOKS.  I really quite ashamedly forgot that one can find the meaning of words without the use of technology.  I happened to be sitting in my library and my eyes landed directly upon the dic-tion-ary.  How serendipitous!

How easily we forget that which we once soley relied upon.

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