tunnel vision

September 20, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments


There is nothing like quite like riding the rollercoaster of life...your own life...with its sinewy turns and twisty, windy bits. 

Have you ever been to Mendocino County, California?  Well, there is this RIDICULOUSLY windy road that separates I-5 from Mendocino.  Though totally worth the trip, I do not remember ever having been more sick to my stomach from those curves.  Well, 2010 in the life of CRM has felt exactly like that drive.  I cannot seem to hold on tight enough, and just when I adjust to the centripetal force slamming me into my other passengers, another one comes along to throw my stomach in the opposite direction.   Some of these turns are deceptively easy, others quite surprisingly exhilarating.  But all of them are giving my rather precarious stomach a big case of the butterflys.

Therefore.  I must breath deeply, often.  I must concentrate on shutting off my mind to sleep.  I must look at very simple things.  The way a red onion, white garlic, and verdant jalapeño speak to me from their white-canvas of a cutting board....meditating on the steady beat of the September rain...nuzzling into the sweetest smelling skin for a long snuggle.


Perhaps it will be like doing the tree pose in yoga.  If I can fixate on a spot on the floor, I can find my balance.

Here's to staring down simplicity,

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