for no reason at all

September 15, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

Yesterday, I sat down to my morning quiet, this time with Rilke.  For absolutely no discernable reason other than my increased melancholy of late, I fixated on this poem for 30 minutes.  I don't mean that I performed my usual poetic analysis, which may include saying the poem aloud a few times, looking up various words, familiarizing myself with the cadence, and grappeling with the tone as I scribble notes in the margin.  No, not this at all.

Instead, I stared at it.
I re-read it.
Then I stared some more.

Sometimes there are things in life that speak very clearly to me of their own distance.  I am not supposed to delve into them, they are meant for me in that moment to be nothing other than a skimming of my soul-surface.  I know this particular poem spoke to my depths, but it was almost as if my mind wasn't aware of it.  Perhaps it was a meditative kind of trance in which to absorb poetry...whatever it was, I loved it.

Then at 9:00am, I went straight back to bed until 10:30am.  My soul told me to do it.

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