moral imperatives

September 11, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

There are a few items you simply must be privy to this Saturday morning.

How I am taking my coffee lately:
Morning Coffee

It's quite convoluted, how this process came to be.  My grinder finally quit on me, so no more French Press.  I accidentally got a bag of coffee that was ground for a drip machine, but I also don't have one of those.  So, I found my trusty old camping single-cup drip maker, and have been using that ever since.  It's been kind of gross, but in a good greasy-spoon diner kind of way.  A bit of foam a'top makes it a grand cuppa joe.

My addiction to cardigans, here's my recent addition.  This also marks my very first vintage clothing purchase from Etsy.  Not sure what took me so long:

So cute!

The snapdragons decided to give me another bloom:
Bloom Again

These are Kelly's favorite flowers, and since I am already entrenched in thoughts and prayers for her as she starts round 2 of chemo on Monday, it seems fitting that the universe would animate these flowers once more in her honor.

I've got new hairs...but no decent picture of it just yet:

Here was my inspiration...though it looks nothing like this because I don't have Agyness Deyn's hair. TRAGIC! 

And as always, I've been keeping writing like a mad woman.
Coffee, Blueberrys, Write Back Soon
Off we go.

Letters save me on a weekly basis, both the writing and the receiving.  

You may now go about your weekend having been well-informed of my own goings-on.  Sis and I are off to treat ourselves to a massage and enjoy the sun popping out in Seattle.

You are my favorite,

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