February 27, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Picture it with me if you will.  11 hours of sleep, 4 of those filled with dreams of children screaming for help, lovers finding replacements, and family members clamoring for favors.  The saint left early to work on a brewing weekend, and though I usually revel in alone time, today it feels really sad somehow.  I made a cup of tea and topped my toast with rasberry jam, decided to make a fire (the first time we've needed it in two weeks), and have sat in my living room deciding how today will be.  I'm bundled in confusion and thoughts and transitions and  people and the future and possibilities, and I just cannot seem to think things through clearly.

So today I decided to take advantage of this time, bring out the multitude of empty frames I have and work on a photo wall.  One of the things I was most excited for in this house was my own creative room.  This means I can decorate it in my own way and have a photo wall!  The saint is a rather minimal bloke, and does not enjoy things covering wall space in large proportion, and I can understand that.  So my room will be totally, all, completely, thoroughly ME.  Unfortunately, up until now it's been a storage room for things that had no place (there is an organ in there, seriously).  In preparation for my sister's visit, I've slowly been cleaning it out.  I think today is the day that I really work it out.  I've got some great ideas, and feel nothing but completely in need of an all-encompassing project, turning up Miles Davis obnoxiously loud, donning some red lipstick, and opening bottle of red.

It's grey in my soul today...and Seattle embraces me.

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