February 10, 2010 Candace Morris 7 Comments

Seattle is finally getting back to it's rainy goodness, but I loved the last few days of blissful sunshine.  It sure lit a fire under my arse to get some things done around the place.  You know those spring tasks like reorganizing your dishtowels, weeding the flower pots, moping the floor, etc...well, on Tuesday, it sent me outside to FINALLY finish up those spray-painting projects that built up in the winter.

Here are the various goodwill finds.
Tray: $4.99
Letter Holder: $.99
Wire Basket: $2.99
Box: $2.00

Here's the spray paint purchased for $.99/can.  It's the month of frugality, after all.
If it wasn't, I would have purchased the can with the nice press thingy (the technical term).
Otherwise my pointer finger wouldn't have died and gone to appendage hell.

Planning out my strategy.
(Also seriously pondering going back inside for almonds and my sunglasses)

Getting down to work.

Letter holder needed like four coats.

Missy Octavia decided to venture outdoors and see what I was doing.
She's like totally almost an outdoor kitty now (except for the eating and peeing inside, you know)

I also decided to finish up the coat tree from AGES ago (hence the cobwebs, but why remove them! ;) ).  Turns out it needed even more than 2 cans of magenta spray paint.

Aren't they kind of gorgeous?

Tree with a few more coats, drying in the sun.

Going back to the tray...

By now, my finger FLIPPING HURTSSEES.

Here's all the stuff with a few coats, I'll be back in an hour to finish them off.

Well, I am excited to see them back in the house, breathing their FRESH WHITENESS into my otherwise drab house.


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