February 15, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

So, how was your V-day weekend?  Did you overdose on the love-fest, maybe hit that bottle a bit too hard?  Well, thank god it's all over, right?  We had an immensely quiet weekend (not necessarily planned that way, but our moods dictated destiny) and spent Friday night at an annoying (read: NON CITY) restaurant and went to see a movie (Avatar, more on that later).  Saturday was super duper lazy and we sat by the fire sipping wine most of the day and worked on both of our blogs (CHECK OUT THE BUTTONS I MADE ON THE SIDEBAR!  THEN ROLL OVER THEM!  SEE THE COLOR CHANGE?  IT TOOK SO FREAKING MUCH TIME, IT'S QUITE SILLY!).  We did leave at one point to grab some steaks and asparagus at the that was refreshing.  We made a delicious dinner, talked into the wee hours of the morning, danced around the house, and watched Footloose (more on that later).  Sunday morning, I woke up with the "did i really need to drink that whole bottle of wine" regrets, and then made our lazy way over to the parents with a baguette and some stinky French cheese.  We hung out with my prego sis-in-law (it's gonna happen this week, i know it!) and watched the Olympics.  It's suited us both just fine. What did you do?

Well, now that you know the context, and since you're already used to the method of delivery (see previous post), I shall now list the (less than profound) lessons of this love-infested weekend:

  • i was surprised that i didn't hate Avatar.  entertaining indeed, but not worth all the hype.  honestly, we went after a few drinks at dinner totally prepared to hate on it, which sounded like great fun at the time.  but we both ended up finding merit in there was NO ONE in the theater, so we had plenty of room for an honest reaction.
  • joel LOVES kenny logins.  he had never seen Footloose (how this is possible, i shall not here conjecture), and thought the soundtrack was pretty great.  oh he's such a sucker for 80's synthesizer.
  • restaurants are really important to us.  like really important.
  • the key to looking good REALLY IS in feeling good.  if i stuff my face with junk, i notice that i feel instantly fat and old...and i think i'm just now noticing that correlation.  if i be sure to get plenty of exercise and prioritize eating well, i notice how much younger and prettier i feel.  
  • marriage is a fascinating and difficult know where you end and they begin and how to vocalize changes in emotional climate, it's so supremely confusing and also quite blissfully calm.  i'm a fan...and joel and i are noticing that our relationship is changing and it's a bit hard to pinpoint where and how, but it's necessary for us both to sit down with honesty and release of the other's reactions to meet somewhere on mutual ground wherein we BOTH feel heard and understood.   The biggest battle in a lifelong relationship CONTINUES to be fighting against our expectation of what we THOUGHT it would look like to be in love after so many years...
  • I still want to grow up to be a figure skater.
  • Commericals WORK.  I hate (like HATE) McDonalds, and all through the Olympics, they were advertising the chicken nuggets, and MAN DID I WANT SOME.  But I resisted...for now.  I'm still thinking about them a day later. Gross.  Why can't I fantasize about SPINACH?
  • Women's bodies are vastly miraculous.
  • It is becoming more and more tempting to use household chores as a fall back for boredom.  I do not want to clean because I don't know what else I want to do with myself and "it needs to be done anyway."  If I clean, I want it to be intentional and soulful...not routine and compulsory.  I didn't do dishes on Saturday when I was in a funk because at that moment it would have talked me out of some soul searching I needed to do.  So I didn't. Bravo me. AND bravo the saint...because he did them later that night while i passed out from red wine consumption.  
Well, here's to Monday and my random thoughts!  Happy President's Day, fellow Americans.  I'll be celebrating by doing laundry and hopefully grabbing lunch with an old friend.  

Thanks for bearing with me through that sickeningly-sweet weekend.  We can now all get back to our regular programing and stop seeing the blog world infested with DIY heart-shaped bedspreads and such.


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