February 22, 2010 Candace Morris 4 Comments

It's a melancholy Monday night.  I've just finished a delicious supper of red beans and rice. I am in a space where change begets more change and I am struggling to catch my breath under it all.  A pint with friends will help.  But before I head over to Snoqualmie Brewery, I wanted to take a deep breath as I listen to Miles and recap the lazy weekend I just enjoyed.
As most of you know, Seattle has been experiencing almost two weeks of early spring.  In fact, I even dried my clothes outside today and spied a bit of rhubarb growing!  This last weekend, our friend decided to throw a BBQ, and though we were seriously freezing by the time the sun set, we enjoyed eating outside, sitting around a bonfire, and soaking in a hot tub (for over an hour...my poor skin!).   The saint tapped the Batch X brew (delish!), and we had mussells, frites, lamb, quinoa salad, and grilled mango. For dessert, we enjoyed sips of a bottle of McCallan 12 that Ben stumbled upon in a vacant apartment.

have you ever smelled Daphne?

On Sunday, our normal family day, we enjoyed Olive...Brian and Jenn's newest addition.  Cousin's came over to meet her...and the saint played with our youngest cousin.

Abbey loved playing fetch.

Brian came out to play with Olive...
We all took a turn, in fact.  This child has her needs anticipated...to say the least.

Uncle Joel admiring Brian's brewing handiwork...

Just a few things you might expect to see on a normal Sunday with the fam.

The brewthers brainstorming and babysitting.

Off to imbibe some liquid joy,

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