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There are few comforts to me in the world quite like the saint coming home on a really bad day.  Either I am easier to read than I fancy myself, or something about him intuitively knows that there is nothing more I need in that moment than some saving.  He sees me laid out on the couch with a 1900s period piece playing, and he knows I will need him to help me on the project that went awry, make plans for dinner, and help me find a safe place to spoil myself without ridicule or condemnation. Care-giving is one of his very best and easiest qualities. It's a cute nickname, but he really is a saint.  That's how my Saturday ended...after a rather tragic and emotional end to what I thought would be a cool project.  

Today I sit here full of visions of dogwoods and weeping cherry trees.  We've just returned from a local nursery where I wanted to buy every single tree under the sun.   We decided on a wonderful crab apple tree, and cannot wait to plant it.  Perhaps that's a country task I'll save for my sis! I am now snacking on cheddar and carr's crackers, and feeling rather deliciously happy to be a country girl.  Today.  I think I shall make some chicken cacciatore for dinner...

But this is all neither here nor there.  What I really wanted to tell you was how amazingly pleased I am with the conclusion of February's Frugality Challenge.  If you remember, here were the goals:

  • Every time I have the inclination to buy something, I will take its amount and transfer it into savings.
  • If we go out with friends or on a date, we have to have an amount set beforehand.  Once we get home, 50% of whatever we spent will be transferred into savings.
  • If we want to go out, but decide to stay home for a meal, we will estimate what we would have spent and transfer it into savings.
  • I will not buy anything we don't absolutely need.
  • I will not buy anything at full price, but will scour for coupons and sales.
  • I will not purchase anything new (other than groceries), but will instead find it thrifted or make it.
  • And the ultimate goal through all of these?  I hope to save between 15% and 20% of our month's income. 

  • I have failed at pretty much all of it except for the transferring of money to savings.   Each week as I sat to do the bills (another key to financial clarity), I totaled up our restaurant, pub, coffee, and cocktail receipts.  I would then divide it by two and transfer that amount into savings.  My goal was to save 15% of our monthly income...and I believe I have just calculated the total savings to be  13% (I would have had 15%, but an emergency came up at the beginning of the month that I was absolutely grateful to have the funds to attend to..and isn't that a nice thing about savings anyway?).  I am happy about this indeed!  

    The goal of this 12-month challenge was to implement things into my life slowly...things that I've wanted to change but felt too overwhelmed to actually attempt.  One of the greatest things about February was that the saint and I have decided to keep this practice going, this rewarding our bank account for something we already love and soulfully peruse as part of our relationship.  For YEARS, we've attempted to punish ourselves for our lifestyle, and it simply never worked.  I love how this changes my perspective about going out.

    On to March.

    Well, I've become increasingly aware of 6-10 extra pounds sticking with me since I retired from my city walking life.  I simply do not move as much as I used to because it isn't built into my lifestyle.  In honor of the inspiration of the Olympics and college basketball, I will be exercising every day this month.  This morning, I did yoga and feel so great.  Other days  I hope to take walks around the property, maybe grab the family dog and teach her how to heel, and remember how much my body is made for movement...not just sitting in quiet thought.
    (i've used this photo before, but it makes me laugh so much
    that  i thought i would extend the treat to your funny bones)

    Whadda think?  I think it sounds great.  I think it's just about the only thing (besides lots of gin) that might help me find some comfort in my loss.

    What do you do to get moving?


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