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Good Monday morning to you.  I hope you've found a cup of something tasty (hey, it's 5pm somewhere) and settled into your desk, chair, studio.  I've got a few items to cover here today.

First, I have to give major accolades to the group who participated in my January photo challenge.  When I started this whole 12-month business, I didn't realize how much having participants to join me along the way would make some months so much better than others.  The month of mail was a blast and the Daily Bread photo group not only gave me another excuse to get behind the lens, but to get to know a group of amazing people even better. I really want to thank you all for doing these things with me!

To wrap up The Daily Bread Group, here are a few from our last week:

Daily Bread : The last suppers

And here are a few of my personal favorites:
Guten Tag

Lunch Break
(Lunch Break)

A Bobbin Full of Breakfast
(A Bobbin Full of Breakfast)

My daily bread
(My daily bread)

Cafe Nico
(Cafe Nico)


lovely yammy biscuits
(lovely yammy biscuits)

veggie lentil soup
(veggie lentil soup)


37-year old whiskey
(37-year old whiskey)

So, since today marks the first day of February (I'm going to be an aunt again this month!), I am gearing up for a month of savings.  I find it interesting how one part of our life can so richly inform another, but yesterday I finished reading my first book for the Slow Reader's book club.  It was a fast and entertaining read, and the one idea it has left with me is the concept of discontent...which just happens to be a soul theme these last few weeks.  

It seems that everywhere I turn, I see something that needs fixing, sprucing, or doing.  I haven't quite settled into my new home here in the country, and my eyes are starting to resent this house.  I also realize it's probably just a matter of perspective (I will not talk about Haiti here because I do not believe it's good for me to shame myself into contentment based upon comparison) about the materials of my life.  I think one good remedy would be for me to get outdoors more often...what is there to fix about the ocean or the trees?  

SOOO anyway.  This book I finished was all about this amazingly frugal woman, this "can do" woman.  It has made me realize that I would like to spend some time teaching myself how to trim the fat around Booklings Manor.  The saint and I are spenders, not savers, and while we may be homeless at the end of our lives, we can at least say we had a few amazing meals! ;)  I would like to learn to save better.  Therefore, February will be the month of frugality.  And here's what I hope to stick to:

  1. Every time I have the inclination to buy something, I will take its amount and transfer it into savings (within reason.  I can't transfer the $1200 for the Michael Kors camel trench I've been lusting over).
  2. If we go out with friends or on a date, we have to have an amount set beforehand.  Once we get home, 50% of whatever we spent will be transferred into savings.
  3. If we want to go out, but decide to stay home for a meal, we will estimate what we would have spent and transfer it into savings.
  4. I will not buy anything we don't absolutely need.
  5. I will not buy anything at full price, but will scour for coupons and sales.
  6. I will not purchase anything new (other than groceries), but will instead find it thrifted or make it.
  7. And the ultimate goal through all of these?  I hope to save between 15% and 20% of our month's income.  
  8. At the end of the month, I will reward myself with a massage or facial.
So there ya go.  Anyone have any other ideas they want to share about how they trim the fat?

I am hoping to rub the scales of discontent from my eyeballs.  I'm DETERMINED to find a bit of gratitude in the grubby walls of this two-bit trailer, damn it.

What are you looking for in February?
Happy Monday.

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