Self-Care Challenge Day Two

May 26, 2009 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Bonsoir! I am already feeling the beauteous effects of this week's challenge. I have received notifications, blog entries, and emails from those I love as to their participation in the challenge, and I must say there is no lovelier woman than a woman who takes such care of herself.

Day Two: Spend the morning hours reading, writing, and daydreaming.

I really do live such a lovely life right now. I am free to do with my time as I will, but I notice that even in that freedom, I rarely intention myself towards activities that bring me deep and lasting tranquility. For instance, I usually spend the mornings at my computer with my tea and toast, catching up on my design blogs, writing my own blogs, reading news, and catching up on emails. I do so receive much pleasure out of this routine, but I do not feel fed by it throughout the day. Instead of this routine, today I sat in the morning light, wrapped in robe, and just daydreamed. It was nothing deep or serious, even my journal writing was simple, quiet, contemplative...not common of my late-night writing. I even daydreamed a list of ways that would fill my reservoir of self-care more lastingly, which was so indulgent in itself! This moment of sheer indulgence has accompanied me throughout the day, given me an oxygen tank of calming breath, and made the very loveliness beam through my eyes and skin (I can feel it!).

I thought perhaps I could share the list with you all in an attempt to strike your own imagination towards self-care, some of which I have planned to do this week.
  • Take the time to make all your belated appointments: annual eye exam, dentist, have your moles checked at the dermatologist. Take time and set aside funds for the upkeep of your physical body.
  • Cook a meal just for you with your favorites in mind.
  • Replace your too-old eyeshadow or mascara.
  • Take yourself on a lunch date complete with champagne and dessert.
  • Buy a bottle of wine you would normally consider too expensive or too fine.
  • Rewatch one of your favorite old movies with glass of aforementioned wine.
  • Catch up on your magazines while soaking in a tub or sipping coffee at a cafe.
  • Spend an hour in a bookstore browsing lazily.
  • Revisit some old textbooks or lecture notes while sitting in a library.
  • Get a free makeover at a makeup counter.
  • Splurge on a facial or indulge in a night of self-spa.
  • Attend a local play.
  • Order the lobster.
  • Write a long letter to your mother or husband.
  • Sit and look at old photos of college or your children as babies.
  • Take yourself to a nice store and try on clothes you could never afford. I love to do this at Betsey Johnson.

Just some ideas...

I have noticed as well that one must know oneself to know what one requires for comfort. For instance, I know that certain amounts of solitude are necessary for my soul-care though tempered with a balance of social play. It may be that interaction and people are necessary for your self-care, so call up your friend and make a cocktail date. The key this week is YOU. What feeds your soul?

How did everyone do with day two?

candace ruth

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