Guest Blogger Revealed...

May 15, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

happy weekend, birdies. this is one happy girl reporting from sunny (and smogggy) southern california, having got my fix of In-N-Out and babies. the dunlaps (which is the first leg of my trip) have treated the saint and i well - taking us on walks, feeding us amazing mexican food, making us giggle with sheer delight and loving us as only the oldest of friends can.

i will be out of town until Monday, but to keep you voracious readers happy, i have a guest blogger all lined up. this blogger is funny, artsy, loves martinis and cats, and enjoys corndogs and cherry garcia.

so who is this amazing blogger? 

any volunteers?

i'm serious.


(sorry for the inferiority of this post.  it could be construed as this macs fault as i had to borrow it. PCs FOREVER biatch. :) )

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