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May 22, 2009 Candace Morris 5 Comments

I am brimming with travel anticipation! Our friends have a lovely boat and cabin on a remote island in the Puget Sound (Hat Island) and we will be spending a few days there this weekend. I would have been happy with gray skies, but Seattle has seen fit to give us 70degrees and sunny! I am so excited that I am writing this post BEFORE I eat breakfast, which almost never happens.

Before I toss myself into the shower to run up to the store for some last minute items, I wanted to ask some questions about a beach weekend. As I was trying to get myself to sleep last night, I was thinking about things I simply cannot leave behind when I leave for a beachy weekend - especially a weekend that I KNOW I will be encountering amounts of bliss, ocean*, and mimosas.

Here's my list:
  1. BIG old 30s beach hat that my sister bought me for my 30th bday last year. I keeps the sun off like nothing else!
  2. Journal.
  3. Camera.
  4. Plath's Journals. They ALWAYS get me writing (which explains why I cannot get through it. I read for 10 minutes and my hand is burning to write).
  5. Dresses, Sarong, and Flippy Flops.
  6. Music.
So what's your list of necessaries when you go away for a weekend with your soul?

candace ruth

*i have this thing about the ocean. i know a lot of people do, so i probably don't have to explain it. The ocean is like a huge calming blanket that shushes my anxiety and brings rich pensive thoughts. I am changed when the water and I look at each other. if i ever moved anywhere to write, it would be a beach-town. just like sylvia and ted.

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