more patches

May 05, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

More of what I do when my insides feel like boy scouts tied up my intestines with their fancy-ass knots.

- Chopin's "19 Nocturnes"
- Organic mint melange tea
- Long, overdue phone talks with souls who've known you for 10 years
- Writing a long letter
- Dates to your favorite french bistro for mushroom soup and an americano

crossing the room
crossing the room

- Ancient book I found called "Thoughts on peace"

'Tis a sanctuary where all thy grief
Is soon hushed to a heavenly calm;
And thy fainting heart finds sweet relief,
From the perils that threat thee with harm.
A defense doth encompass thee round,
And a viewless protection is thine;
Of the foes that against thee combine.
There a bright ray of light from above
Drives afar the dark gloom of despair;
And a spirit descends like a dove,
Dropping dewy serenity there.
From the wild warring storms of the world,
From the brunt of the heart-piercing shower,
That around thee its tempests hath hurl'd.
Thou escap'st to they sheltering bower!"

i hear you universe.
your shutter snaps slowly across my eye.
your pencil scribbles loudly across my destiny.

and i listen.

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