This Week with Bowie

December 08, 2013 Candace Morris 0 Comments


A heavy typing schedule keeps me from wearing shoes

Please excuse me, I have time travel to attend to

I shall make do with this fabricated T.A.R.D.I.S for now - don't tell Daddy I can spot a fake a mile away.

Here, I think I was in a good mood

Freezing temperatures be damned!


Here, I am cute and innocent

Here, I am frustrated and bored
Outside is my happy place


I call this "The Portrait of My Father as a Toddler"

Here I managed to scale the turquoise chair

What? I am not supposed to stand on it? I shall be sure to challenge that every ten minutes - just to be sure.

Here I signal violently "HELP"

Mother does not respond favorably to my request

Nor does she respond to my anger.  Tears perhaps?

I quickly forget any conflict and head to the hallway to stomp on the newly mopped floor - but was thwarted by this offensive contraption.

Well, surely she should pick me up to apologize for caging me.

I retire to my room for diversions


They come off the shelves quite easily.

I've mastered the art of tearing pages

I was discovered reading when Mother wondered why the house was so quiet and she came to investigate.  

Here, I shall dance for you while Mom pretends she doesn't let me watch TV when 
she's about to go insane/is nursing a hangover.


Mother found my first adventure with snow boots to be a photo opportunity.

What is this on the floor?

I shall pick it up and try to eat it.

I found some old balloons!

I shall stare longingly out the window.


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