the day of mothers: morris style

May 13, 2013 Candace Morris 0 Comments

 8:05 am
sleeping in

8:22 am
dad reads poetry to bowie

9:38 am
enjoying an almost wordless breakfast with joel as I watch the perfect rain

9:50 am
beer, bowie, breakfast

10:01 am
this happened. oh yes it did.

10:29 am
reading while bowie naps and joel studies

12:38 pm
grandparent's house, bowie greets abbey

1:15 pm
a noticing around the property

1:17 pm

1:18 pm
bowie and joel

1:50 pm
gathering blooms

1:52 pm
the last of the lilacs, a yellow rose, a red rose

3:40 pm
blogging while bowie naps

3:42 pm
(otherwise known as napping while bowie naps)

swinging on joel's childhood swing

5:22 pm
still swinging

6:52 pm
bedtime bottle

7:48 pm
rosé and spring rolls

8:40 pm
carpet picnic while catching up on the season finale of Top Chef

8:58 pm
a warm rain

9:25 pm
fresh berries and gelato

11:31 pm
bed (at least until bowie woke up and cried for an hour)
All in all, I spent the day with a lovely balance of solitude, family time, sleep, writing, nature-loving, eating, and drinking.  A very satisfying and filling Mo's Day.  You can see more pictures here.

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