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December 10, 2012 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Hello, hello, friends and lovers.  It's not even sunrise, and I am feeling particularly buzzy.  I have been feeling rather good lately, and since I eat a sugar/carb rich diet and poison my body daily with spirits, I am guessing it has to do with this, this, this, and this.  I suppose this doesn't hurt either.  I've never been on so many supplements, but my acupuncturist has me in her good graces and we are working closely with my massage therapist and chiropractor to get this body well.  

Oh the wonders of good health insurance.

Did I tell you that I've figured out the secret to being happy at home?  Yes, the world's domestic mysteries have been unveiled to yours truly.  The key is to shower, but not only be showered and dressed before 9am, but to have hair, makeup, shoes, AND accessories all taken care of.  Simple though it be, I think it sends the psyche the message that things are happening all around us, and any number of those things could happen to us at any moment, so we had better be dressed and ready for them.  One of the beasts of personal depression is the outlook that everything is still, that no one anywhere is doing anything interesting, that life is dull and boring.  For some reason, having a quiet morning and being ready for the day, even if nothing but making dinner is on the agenda, changes my outlook on this.  This is also another reason I do not thrive in country living.  I need the hum and excitement of city life to fuel my love of life, just as others need the solitary mountain air to fuel theirs.

It was also a superbly fun weekend.  Joel's company hosted their annual party, and Bowie spent the night at Grandma's.  We felt so young again!  You will also notice that a certain couple attended the party because BC is a new Tableau employee!  What luck!  Anyway, we could stay out as late as we wanted, drink too much, fulfill a late-night craving for fried chicken and waffles, crash out (without even brushing my teeth! What! I NEVER do that!), and wake up leisurely.  All weekend I kept thinking about how grateful I am to have such support from his parents.  They are able to help us retain a small fraction of our previous selves, which I believe to be imperative in the transition to being parents. 

In fact, as I drove to pick up Bowie yesterday morning, fog and rain and winter gray all around me, I began to ponder my loved ones.  I was overcome with love for this human race, specifically the people in my tribe.  I thought of Joel's family, then my family, then some of the best friends I have because of blogs, then new friends I've made because of Joel's or my work, then the oldest of friends and their children...I felt the list never end.  I almost wanted to write down all these names so that if ever I again doubt my part in this human race, I can see those I love and who love me and send those lies of isolation back to the pit from whence they came.  It was a moment of somehow knowing what it all meant, this odd life on this old planet (like old! I learned yesterday that scientists believe that dinosaurs inhabited earth for 165 million years before they suddenly became extinct.  I had no idea it was that long!  Also, if you have never seen THIS, stop all viewing of guilty pleasures and addictive period pieces until you do.  Even if you don't agree, it will move you.  Well, I am hoping that you are able to be moved by things that challenge your thinking, dear reader.)

We have held off decorating the house for Christmas until Joel was finished with the quarter, and he submitted his final on Thursday!  Therefore, this week will entail placing ribbons and lights on things, putting up our kitschy 50s pom pom tree, and watching Christmas Vacation.  Bring on the jolly winter warmers, please.

Happy Monday, if possible.

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