Musings of a Mum: 2 months

September 01, 2012 Candace Morris 0 Comments

Dear Bowie Andromeda,
On August 30, you turned 2 months old.  I had some of Grandma Jean's blackberry pie to celebrate.  Both of your Grandmother's are such great cooks.  Will you like to cook?  I didn't until I was well into my late 20s.    Your father loves it.  In fact, as I write this to you, he is whipping up some zucchini latkes for dinner.

I keep having moments of reality sink in.  The other day on the phone with Aunt Jackie, talking about the nature of parenthood, I said "...and that's how it is with our kids." Just now, typing your name means we actually named you, that you are actually here.  A lot of people say it's not real for them yet, and I am slowly coming out of feeling that same way.

You do this hilarious head-bob when headed into a nipple that we call you "Janeway" (which is a joke your father and I have regarding the captain of the starship Voyager.  Whenever a photon torpedo would hit the ship and all the actors had to pretend to stumble upon impact, she would throw her head around like she was in a mosh pit).  You get so excited to eat that your breath quickens and your head starts bobbleheading!  You are also very, VERY expressive.  When I was a toddler, I used to entertain my older siblings with my reactions to food and expressions of mood.  Maybe you will be this way too.

You seem to enjoy all manner of people, basically letting anyone and everyone hold you.  Will you be an introvert or extrovert? You are an easily consoled baby and generally compliant.  Most of the time when you cry, I sense that you don't really want to be crying.  This week at the doctor's office, you were so quiet and still and I marveled at how long you had not complained.  Joel said, "Because it's a new surrounding.  I think she's getting bored at home."  SERIOUSLY? Already?  I noted then that we should take more walks.

I've been challenged during your wake times to come up with activities that actually keep you awake.  We've started reading books, we hang out on your baby gym, we listen to music (this week it has been your father's favorite soundtrack of all time - from Star Wars.  You seem particularly calmed by "Princess Leia's Theme").  While board-books hold your attention visually, you are more taken with the vocal inflections and rhythm of poetry.  I think I'll begin with Rilke this week...or maybe the Sonnets...or perhaps Plath.  I think I need to put together the curriculum of your first year which shall include introduction to poets, music, scientists, artists.

You have begun to grab onto me and hold tightly, which is such a wonderful feeling.  You are a really pleasant, cuddly weight and have the most beautiful lips and coloring.  Your deep blues from birth are beginning to lighten up, and I wonder if you will remain blue-eyed after all.   You love your bi-weekly bath (good girl!) and enjoy looking out the window when sitting in your chair - this is Mom's coffee time.

If a mother's voice is what most greatly affects our own self-talk, then hear this: Love your life.  This past week, as I sat in the rocking chair and read as you coo'd yourself to sleep (you are doing so wonderfully at putting yourself down!), I began to contemplate the nature of happiness.  Right now, I am asking myself the deepest of questions as to the work and legacy of my existence.  I think my own answer is that whatever I do, I should love my life and all work should point toward that. You are a major factor in that.  Thank you for adding so much love to my life.

Aunt Kelly was right about you.  You do smell like hope.

Here's to you, my gorgeous Scout.

Your 2 Month Stats, (which are rockstar numbers for a late pre-term baby):
Weight:  11pounds, 11.5 ounces
Height: 22 inches long

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