Books for Bowie

September 10, 2012 Candace Morris 2 Comments

Joel's mom threw Bowie a baby shower to welcome her into this world.  Instead of typical presents (which everyone sent me when she was born - SO SPOILED), she asked each guest to bring a book of their choosing.  It was a lovely day to see family I too rarely see.  Now Baby Star has a rather enviable library.

That evening, while I cuddled Bowie after her feeding, I smelled the intoxicating mixture of several woman's scents combined on her.  It reminded me of the realization that women need other women, and that Bowie needs them all.  I fancy myself apart from this cliche, but no female is impervious.  We need to remember we aren't the first, and we aren't the last.  

Bowie also received her father's baby blanket and sweater/hat set that Gma Jean had saved for his offspring.  It was a touching moment.  Also touching was meeting my cousin Amy's new daughter, Kenya.  She is a miracle in so many senses.  I feel moved to the core when I consider the journey Amy has embarked upon to find her daughter.  

Toward the end of the baby shower, Jessica and Becca received the news that their father had passed away.  It was one of the most profoundly sacred and deeply sad moments I've ever witnessed, the inner circle of unabashed, unfiltered mourning as the initial blow is delivered.  I struggle to make meaning of it, but I am left with something about the cycle of life and death.  Here was a room of women celebrating life and the enjoyment thereof through family and literature, while simultaneously choking on the profoundly real knowledge of human mortality. 

My days, they are never short of meaning.

(thank you, Aunt Umber, for taking pictures).

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