Saturday's Allowances

November 12, 2011 Candace Morris 3 Comments

I have spent my day in the pleasant, beguiling company of my truest comrades - words.  Speaking them, hearing them, researching them, scribbling them in and out of existence.  Their demanding precision is killing me; which is the best possible death for a literati.

I have walked my day among the bloody, brazen graveyard of fall's foliage. I observe the decay and pull my cowl closer in smug confidence, resisting the ubiquitous temptation to capture the beauty with a camera.  This time, I know there will be more colored leaves, more photographs, more pretties than I can imagine.

I know this isn't my last chance.

The flippant faith that there will be more seasons is the very definition of hope.
I am entitled to a little less intention, a small pour of taking it for granted.

These are the permissions afforded to me today.

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