En Images: A trip to California

September 17, 2009 Candace Morris 2 Comments

For the last two weeks, I've enjoyed the pleasure and pain of living with children.
I've watched them, I've kissed them, I've corrected them, I've read to them,
I've played with them...
but mostly...

I've envied them.
Their innocence, their authenticity, their imagination.
Their nakedness.
Their kiddie pool.

The mountain upon which they live.

Their security, their joy.
Their stay-home mother.

Their energy.

In addition to these two wee souls,
I've also mingled with the wind; swayed with the trees; sighed at the sunset.

And more envy visited me.

I wanted their simplicity.
The special way no one sees them
unless they look with intention and patience.

I wanted their pure beauty.
I wanted to know what it feels like to trust your roots.
To never question your existence.
Or your death.
To have everything decided for you.

I wanted their contentment.
Their uncomplaining voice.

Their self-satisfaction.
Their trust in provision.

And then I noticed me among them.
And I envied them.

Because its pretty great being human.
And loving other humans...great and small.

RDD Visit Sept 2009

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