cooking fleas on a lazy weekend

March 25, 2008 Candace Morris 0 Comments

I sit here in the boring confines of my cubicle, seriously questioning my insane pact to give up coffee. My eyes are drooping even while shopping for a blouse on How f’d up I feel when even shopping cannot awaken my soul.

Instead, I play with my pictures from the weekend. I love fixing pictures – blemishes – BYE BYE. Hello green eyes once disguised as red dots – even if I do overuse the “glow” setting – it just makes skin look so much better.

Yes, it entertains me to no end, gives me tasks, and takes me back to a place I would much rather be right now…my lazy weekend.

So here is my lazy weekend.

I cooked for Joel on Thursday night – (not technically the weekend, sheesh; don’t be so anal). Despite the obvious simplicity of these pictures and meal, you must understand how often I actually cook. NEVER. I threw this together and really enjoyed it (or probably enjoyed taking pictures of it more).

Cooking is something I can see myself really getting into. Joel even thinks I would be good at it as it entails all my natural giftedness; planning, multi-tasking, and eating.

Jess and I went to a flea market on Saturday and wandered around in our junk food haze – finding fabulous deals. I got sake cups, a vintage slip, a gorgeous tea kettle, and my favorite new plant all for $30. Jess walked with a bundt cake and punch bowl. This was Jessica’s first flea market w/o her mother – and I was happy to chronicle the event for her. (see entire album at left).

mmmm….lazy lazy lazy weekend…


everything but work

March 19, 2008 Candace Morris 1 Comments

I am so in the clouds today at work. Here is a list of other things demanding my attention and thoughts:

• I have a new found whiskey tolerance. I am quite proud of the amount I can consume w/o feeling really buzzed. Cheers.

• I have decided never to go back to my formerly favorite nail salon. They are so great there, but man…the nail polish is cheap. I got a manicure on Friday night and by Sunday, it was seriously SHOT. I mean, like very nail was half covered – and I didn’t do anything like dishes or cleaning to make this happen.

• Thinking about how wonderful my new air freshener is. Joel usually hates them, but we decided to try a new one. It works rather well – smelling of clean laundry and Joel likes it. BONUS.

• I am lusting over this camera:

• Thinking of the piles of laundry at home. I wish I could be there nesting and soaking up that profound sense of satisfaction I get from cleaning.

• I am spending way too many hours in the day on and am so happy with my recent purchase (, but now need a new tablecloth and brown handbag.

• Trying to think about how to incorporate more veggies and fruits daily. Also going back to my former discipline of taking all my vitamins and supplements.

• Thinking about how I love watching Joel geek out over his 5 working computers and his new amazing keyboard. (it IS pretty cool, I admit).

• Day dreaming about camping this summer with my gang.

• Reading up on some amazing blog links Kelly sent to help me enjoy life this morning. Mission totally accomplished below:


• Pondering what I will make Joel for dinner. This is an unusual quandary for me because he cooks dinner every night. However, he is trying to finish up an online class this week, and I have taken over the duties! Basically, I have only cooked for him once (have been out of the house every other night), but Sunday’s meal with GREAT. I was quite proud of myself. So after this, I will cruise the internet for recipes.

• How to add more colors and patterns to my solid and dark life.

Lemme sum up.

I want to be my own boss, work from home, and create a sustainable and simple lifestyle from that endeavor.



i would rather be doing this.

March 09, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

why is there so little time in the day? the time i have doesn't match my moods - when i have time to myself, i want to be lazy. when i don't have time, i am motivated to do everything.

i need to be reading for school, and i really want to be playing with my pictures instead. oh the guilt.

i will lighten my spirits by adding some treats: see below.


thomas moore's: a life at work

March 04, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

Last night, three souls went to see Thomas Moore at Elliot Bay Books in the lovely Pioneer Square district of Seattle. Precursed by oysters, four beers, two glasses of wine, and a manhattan, the three casually sauntered into the wooden store, walked down the steps to the café, and waited in eager anticipation for the illustrious “Thomas Moore” to arrive.

At first, we were surprised and embarrassed at the lack of attendance. However, slowly and ever so surely in their infamous way, (their non makeup, over 50, intellectual way). Seattleites turned out and filled the basement with warmth and light.

He exceeded our expectations. He is the picture of graciousness and openness, while still vehemently passionate about his principals (at one point expressing his frustration with people finding salvation in authors). The following are from my note-taking tirade:

• Our life work, our opus, is constructed of a lot of dead ends. It’s impossible to follow one path in life – we must embrace the winding path that is our “opus.” This relates here to our vocation, but more to integrating our job into our life – so everything (sports, passions, social life, work life, family life) becomes more fluid and holistic.
• Opus is the Latin for work. Therefore, our opus is our life work – the path, the compositie of prima materia, of massa confusa, which makes our life unique and ours.
• Often the soul is a taskmaster, a dictator of your opus. Often you cannot BUT do what your opus dictates (ever seen Kelly Clark after midnight? You will see what I mean when I say that the soul will not leave you to rest – you must obey your motivations and ideas).
• Families are oversimplified when understood only as biological – there is a deep soul mixing that occurs; the carrying of opus to opus. As we are born into a family, we are not only to look and care for our personal story, but we benefit from realizing that we were born into someone else’s opus – the generational story to which we contribute.
• Often, obedience to the soul (Moore’s basic premise) will lead to oddities and abnormal behaviors. He described Emily Dickinson and how she is often dismissed with some psychological disturbance; he argued that she was perhaps only just obeying her soul – easily handling her paradoxes and giving herself plenty of room for contradictions and oddities.
• We need to deliteralize the notion of community. Community is religion with out boundaries – without dogma to separate and judge. Community is the vast scope of the entire human race. History has reached out and changed our present life through literature and art – as we often feel intimately connected to those long dead through their works. This is community, the understanding of that which has come before, is with us now sharing the planet, and will be with us to the end of the human race.
• Hearing your own soul speak REQUIRES clear and honest conversations with friends and intimates. Once you can be honest and comfortable enough to stop filtering yourself, you will hear your soul speaking to these loved ones. We leave too much unspoken, and if we could instead say things almost absurdly clearly, it would give people the chance to deal with the real you instead of the fabricated you.
• We take ourselves entirely too seriously – and therefore disappointments become great disillusionments and disorientations. If we instead see setbacks as just another curve in our opus, we can more readily embrace the twists and transitions.