cooking fleas on a lazy weekend

March 25, 2008 Candace Morris 0 Comments

I sit here in the boring confines of my cubicle, seriously questioning my insane pact to give up coffee. My eyes are drooping even while shopping for a blouse on How f’d up I feel when even shopping cannot awaken my soul.

Instead, I play with my pictures from the weekend. I love fixing pictures – blemishes – BYE BYE. Hello green eyes once disguised as red dots – even if I do overuse the “glow” setting – it just makes skin look so much better.

Yes, it entertains me to no end, gives me tasks, and takes me back to a place I would much rather be right now…my lazy weekend.

So here is my lazy weekend.

I cooked for Joel on Thursday night – (not technically the weekend, sheesh; don’t be so anal). Despite the obvious simplicity of these pictures and meal, you must understand how often I actually cook. NEVER. I threw this together and really enjoyed it (or probably enjoyed taking pictures of it more).

Cooking is something I can see myself really getting into. Joel even thinks I would be good at it as it entails all my natural giftedness; planning, multi-tasking, and eating.

Jess and I went to a flea market on Saturday and wandered around in our junk food haze – finding fabulous deals. I got sake cups, a vintage slip, a gorgeous tea kettle, and my favorite new plant all for $30. Jess walked with a bundt cake and punch bowl. This was Jessica’s first flea market w/o her mother – and I was happy to chronicle the event for her. (see entire album at left).

mmmm….lazy lazy lazy weekend…

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