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June 27, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Ahh...Sunday night. With only the faintest authority, the clock clicks the evening by and by. This little family has played hard all weekend and two of us are already down for the count. The other two sit in separate rooms, quietly contemplating...surrendering to the weights on our eyelids and hearts. In the Pacific Northwest, the summer nights stretch on into the distance as far as the eye can see...it's already 10pm and the sun is STILL out like some rebellious teenager with the keys to Dad's mustang.

Saturday morning, after watching USA vs Ghana, the sun shone brilliantly upon us and we went for a wonderful drive up to Snoqualmie Pass just to see if the snow was gone.  Not only was it fully melted, but the wooded-wonderland was birthing more green than God while water falls violently.  My sister, as yet unaccustomed to such a greedy display of beauty, remarked that it was almost too much to take in...and I think it's true that we must have a little bit of ugly for the beauty to stand out.  Too much of a good thing and it all just begins to blend...the beauty gets lost.

This weekend...full of moments upon which to meditate.

Water rushing through old wood feels more important than I can convey.  Why would something so vibrant and full of health decide to filter itself through something so ancient and used?  As it builds and bursts through its limits, I stand completely parched for this profundity.

(Snoqualmie Summit, Washington)
A view from the asphalt parking lot.  
I feel like I have no body, no atoms; only air and this view.

Light forcing its way to my eye...a determination beyond me.

Bowing in reverenge to the real age of things.

Blinking back tears at the neediness of nature,
straining my neck backwards to glimpse her great magnitude and nobility.

  (Wishing and knowing she would want to be here.
She'd say something simple and profound about it over coffee 
and again later with her paintbrush.
I still look around for her when I know she needs to see something,
as if she were walking there behind me with her backpack and hiking boots.
I'd rely on her eyes to help me see...
and now, 
Although nature assures me that it is good and right to have relied upon her vision for a small time, 
I have to learn to see through my own eyes )

Watching us all grow and discover new sights, even with tired eyes...

Sunday morning brought delicious breakfast, naps, and a trip to the parents for our weekly sunday night dinners where we watched my two newest nieces size each other up.  Warning, CUTE OVERLOAD ahead.

i must bed myself.
my soul demands rebirth.


(it's only right to tell you that quite a few of these pictures were taken by my sister...)

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