weekend report

June 07, 2010 Candace Morris 6 Comments

This is what my weekend looked like.

groceries arrive at doorstep
5 boxes packed
artichokes and pbr
power outage while trying to catch up on LOST
journaling by candlelight

hair in bandanna
10 boxes packed
new book purchased at recommendation of sister
child's birthday party captured on camera
"true blood" marathon

sleeping way in
spinach, feta, cherry tomato scramble with mimosa and croissant
the big lebowski
finishing packing the kitchen
downloading podcasts from NPR for road-trip (I LOVE "This American Life")
perfect timing to receive a much-needed letter
release to share with a few the great load of living

Here's to the Leaning Tower of Change.
It's moving week.  
We're all treading water in a pool of diffidence and adventure.
It's a great little cocktail 
for feeling alive.

Small Monday Confession:
Does anyone else look forward to it?  Even just a little?


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