as previously promised...

May 05, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

It has been recently discovered that humans who look at fresh flowers daily report higher positivism and mood elevation.  You can very well then imagine our heightened saratonin levels as we wandered through Carslbad Flower Fields.

They were selling frozen lemonade, but I wanted to buy the lemonade stand!
(some people didn't appreciate my humor)

We then decided to crack out on happiness
by driving home via the coast on Highway 101.
(Strange to think that if I had only driven north for 800 miles, I could pop in on her)

The next day, we hit the beach again!  I tell you, my mood has never been so elevated.

(nor my shoulders so burned!  I felt like a retarded Washingtonian (no offense, everyone I love) who
doesn't know how to handle themselves in the sun and burns to a crisp)

We went back to the cove that I saw on Easter to check on the momma seals and their pups.

This lovey lady had an itch.

Momma and pup during a swimming lesson.

Clara was quite taken.

On happy ocean overload,

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