the weekend report: tasty edition

May 24, 2010 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Today, everything around me tasted, looked, and felt bland (por ejemplo: the sangria at the Mexican food restaurant was (I KID YOU NOT) made from grape kool-aid and the replacement margarita was little better).   The small mountain of laundry awaiting my Monday felt less like a tangible climb as much as Mt. Blanc ominously looming over my dwarfed, non-hiking frame.

I cannot complain, for what does one expect after coming from an incredibly colorful, tasty weekend?  Perhaps you may think that since I do not work for a living, my weekends mean less.  However, weekends are everything around these here parts...for the saint is much more saintly when he's not working until 1am.  Sigh.

I'm exhausted. Since my arrival home, I've hit the ground running socially and stretched my 30 something party wings beyond their aging capacity.  Monday, despite its blaring blandness, presents a kind of rest for me.

Without further ado, here's the images of my weekend.  


mme bookling heads to the neighborhood bbq in every color she owns.
maybe she was trying to channel umber (it still feels weird not to see her face at gatherings).

And the weekend bbq:

Colorful, indeed.
And what with my parents coming home from Europe and a visit from HER, it's gearing up to be a colorful week as well.

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