To claim.

October 08, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

Recipe for turning a soulless shelter into a meaningful habitat (aka: how I spent the day recovering my home):

~Walk to mailbox and realize that I've been shut indoors for days, not taking advantage of a place that needs no unpacking, no decisions.
My forest.

From Claiming the space

It needs nothing of me.
I walked the property with my camera (my close eye)
and acquainted myself with the
spider webs

From Claiming the space
horrible lawn decor
(that makes me laugh so much I feel I cannot remove it)

From Claiming the space

~ Sit and watch cat.
Octavia's outside debut!
This cat has never been outdoors on her terms.
Though we've been leaving the door open for her to test it out, until today she had not ventured.

From Claiming the space
(She LOVES it here).

~FINALLY  get the bookshelves where they belong
and let the books out from their stuffy boxes

From Claiming the space

From Claiming the space

From Claiming the space

From Claiming the space

so they can find breath
to tell me where they belong

~Friends helping you unpack and giving you structure on ways to unpack.

From Claiming the space
Also, friends who bring you doughnuts and Whole Foods sandwiches for lunch.
Also, friends who eat these sandwiches outside in the sun whilst sipping rosé*.

From Claiming the space

Also, friends hanging things, listening to the plants, and making decisions.

From Claiming the space
 Also, a wee bit of cheeeesy-ness** to finally make me laugh
about this whole crazy thing called


*Ever been curious about the difference between White Zinfandel and Rosé?  Wikipedia explains it well.
** Though funny in the moment, Kelly stands like this about 80% of the time.

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