October 19, 2009 Candace Morris 9 Comments

I have been a busy bee.

The saint and I are exhausted from one diverting weekend.  Out late sipping Spanish wine Friday night, out late at the Opera Saturday night, eating cake with Grandpa on Sunday...I tell you, it's been hard to recover (I am using this excuse to remain in my pajamas after having slept a rather naughty amount - though I confess to needing 9-10 hours of sleep per night (HEY, Sylvia Plath spoke a similar confession in a letter to her mother.  I am therefore justified).  My hot tea and my bowl of granola will help this intimate push of fog is wooing me into cognition.

But I must tell you of the Opera...

Back when I was out of town for two weeks, my lover missed me when he turned on the classical music station (I am a sucker for listening to classical, romantic, and chamber music).  The station was hosting an advertisement for La Traviata, and he decided to come home and purchase tickets right away.  Later that night, while we were speaking on the phone of my horrible migraine and his not being there to rub it away, he consoled me with taking me to the opera.  His one condition?  I had to buy myself a new dress (if you have just joined me, you may now well get why he is named the saint).

So last week I scoured a few thrift and consignment stores and found THE PERFECT 1960s green wool dress.  Alas, it was handmade and one size too small for my big Norwegian bones, so I found another suitable black dress that was just stylized enough for my new shoes (an $80 pair acquired for $25!!!!) and hat.

That evening, I slipped into a hot bath to prepare for the night.  I got to thinking about how I often need to take a serious amount of time to ready myself for events not only because it might take longer than I expected to acheive the desired affect, but more so that I can rest my soul - so that my feminine graces carry me throughout the evening.  I can therefore be confident because I am rested and have pampered myself.

I got to thinking about how many woman probably haven't felt that way since perhaps their wedding day.  Society allows for a woman to pamper herself that day...a long hot bath, a massage, a lazy breakfast in luxury...a bride is ENCOURAGED to make herself and her beauty the focus of the morning.  Why does this not occur in any cultural way AFTER the wedding?  I have long since copied my wedding morning by getting ready for events in the same way (and girls, this requires giving yourself at LEAST an hour or two to get ready), I realize how much more relaxed, sexy, and graceful the event becomes for me. 

So when is the last time that you scheduled a licentious amount of  readying time?  Light a candle, have a pre-funk cocktail, find your center, and be your sexy self.

Ladies and Gents, that marks the end of the self-help catagory of this entry.

The very first scene of La Traviata brought tears...and as they cascaded down my rosy cheeks, I grabbed the saint's arm and quietly thanked god for a man who sees what I need with imagination; for a man with a resplendent tool belt for love.  I wanted to shout my love and appreciation of him from the treetops of my soul.  This is the affect the Opera has upon my soul; now you can see why he does it.


3.5 hours later, the very last scene knocked us back into our seats like a roller coaster ride, and we clapped and clapped all the way home.  Another bath and I was off to bed. 

Today promises to be not as fun as my weekend.  Taking Lolita for an emissions test (bleck), and today is officially laundry day here at Bookling Manor.  Hope your Monday looks good on you.

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