This faded summer...passing by.

August 17, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Tonight's date night consisted of a rousing game of Nertz...Joel and I decided that whoever arrived at 1 million points will win. This is going to take a lifetime. How romantic...

The last week and a half has been a whirlwind of activity rich with meaning, sadness, hyperactivity, laughter, white wine, not enough sleep, and great food.

Last week, my dear pen-pal and bosom friend, Plume, rolled into Seattle for a week of R&R with Kelly and I. We flitted all about and did Seattle right. We frolicked on the beach in Seattle's first summer rain, we gabbed for hours while emptying bottles of pinot grigio, we sat in awe of the process and pain of art, we all three cried at some point, we spent Plume's money at Ikea, we sang the tunes of musicals and laughed in delight at Mamma Mia; we hiked, we dined like royalty, we chopped veggies and played board games. There was a jamming extravaganza, freshly baked bread, a peach & cherry pie, and hot, tasty pho.

I tell you, after knowing and loving this hummingbird lady for 1.5 years from afar, it was right and good to have her finally in my arms and me in hers.

After she left, I went home and slept a very long time...and missed her. Soon, my friends...there will be many more pictures to come.

The next day, the saint and I wandered out to Hat Island to celebrate Devon's 27th bday, gorging ourselves on sand, sun, and rest.
From Devon's 27th Bday Weekend

From Devon's 27th Bday Weekend

From Devon's 27th Bday Weekend

We boated over to the island,
our souls bobbing up and down with glee
and Red Stripe.

I was caught off guard,
alarmed even
at the reflection of my solitude in the sea.

It was blinding, and I forgot that I wasn't alone.
These people have a knack of reminding me.

From Devon's 27th Bday Weekend

That night, after a veritable feast,
We toasted her...
It tasted so sweet, watching each other love this young lady,
a lady startlingly easy to love.
Though she often cannot see it.

We toasted her courage to be herself
Her determination to be intimate
Her healing hands
Her persistence in loving herself, despite herself.

From Devon's 27th Bday Weekend

That night
In the darkness,
Sound tracked only by the steady pulse of wake and Neko,
Matt and Jer agreed that it's been the best summer since
The summer of red wine and David Bowie.

And though it is indeed going quickly,
this faded summer will not pass us by
at least not without

Ms. Case is making sure of it.

Devon's 27th Bday Weekend

Did I mention I walked into the ocean in my pjs?
It was a moral imperative, though I don't usually do that sort of thing.

I sneaked away from the group for a bit to catch my much needed breath, and enjoyed the most tasty 2002 Rioja while writing pages and pages. I got to thinking about a lot of things...namely inhibition.

Our society values the uninhibited, at least the bohemian society in which I am entrenched does. I suppose there is one thing I am a bit tired of in myself, and that's how I swim in the murky water of self-loathing in wanting to be uninhibited but also knowing that by nature, I am a cautious soul. This can sometimes clash with those who cast off inhibitions easily and throw caution to the wind, and who I find could use a dash of inhibition for the sake of others. In our society, I think the general consensus is to come down on those who are inhibited and assume that suggesting a shot of tequila and social abandon will truly free them. So I pose this question, are those who are uninhibited truly free? And are those who are more cautious truly imprisoned? If your answer to this question is "Candace, we all just need balance," I'll tell you right now that I'll secretly disregard this diplomacy.

Not because I don't agree, but because it's boring.

Happy Monday,

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