A long weekend...

August 30, 2009 Candace Morris 6 Comments

summer's snacks


the saint and his abbey

The saint and I took Friday off and joined up with his family for our annual trip to Ocean Shores, Washington. Though the Washington coast is beautiful, it is nothing like the beaches of Southern California (both good and bad) where I grew up playing. Ocean Shores is so, um..., well...how to say...white trash. There, I said it. We basically spent our time in this little cabin (all 8.5 of us!!!eeek!) and read, puzzled, played games, ate, and slept. It was especially good to have our recently moved sister and her husband back in Washington for the event (this may or may not be praise tainted by the fact that she brought two 1.75 litters of vodka and gin for me from Ca).



planting her tree

jameson neat



Mom and Dad Morris

So after a grueling traffic jam on the way home, the saint and I consoled ourselves with Mexican food and made (I think) a rather significant decision about our lives. I think...maybe, nothing set yet...that we are moving out of the city into the country. Much more on this later.


But there is no time to linger about that, for come Tuesday afternoon, I fly down to Redding, Ca to be with my best friend and her two kids and fetus...who will come to life (IT'S MAGIC) while I am there (we are HOPPPIIINNNGGGG). I'll be there for two weeks helping out and enjoying them.

Well, and I guess that's September for you...and it is always remarkable to me how I remain so busy and don't even have a formal job!

I also want to do a report on August's 12-month challenge...stay tuned!

I'll talk to you real soon,

Morris Family Vacation 2009


p.s.s: Am I seriously the only one on earth for whom it takes copious amounts of solitude, quiet, and introspection to really relax? So tell me how this works when with groups of people? Someone, oh someone, please write an introvert bible about how to vacation with others.

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