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August 21, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

If you know her, you'll know that this gal has quite the surplus of zany ideas and the energy with which to carry them out. We call her a hummingbird, for truly she has the metabolism and curiosity of one. This is particularly good for me to have in a lady friend, for I am not one to buzz about energetically - though I tell you, it was contagious. She had all of us grinning, skipping, laughing, and smirking so much.

The activities I would never have thought to participate in until Jillian suggested so:
  • A cherry-pit spitting contest
  • Sidewalk chalking ourselves all over Capitol Hill
  • Each person wearing monochrome and heading to a restaurant
  • Decorating a flower pot
  • Many more that I cannot remember
So we did some of those:

and it felt quite good to be that jolly.

it felt equally as good to share moments of inspiration
(even in sometimes just observing them),
silence, and rest.

In a nest of inspiration

to share the words

speaking the story of "speak thanks"

A delicate fix


late one evening, plume with pen

"we have fires that need putting out too"

the dream

These two women, for all their wonderful outward beauty, kindness, talent and enviable can-do attitudes, hold for me also (and i daresay more importantly) a place of mystical depth and spiritual understanding, an eloquence at speaking of their arduous journeys, and the most open-handed offer of a very sweet friendship.

Thank you for following the journey of our time together.

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